A melodic union: Wilsonville’s spring choir concert unites culture, ages, and styles


Isabel Marquez Flores

Wilsonville’s high school’s symphonic choir amazes us again in their spring choir concert performance. Choirs from around the district participated in the event.

On Wednesday night, Wilsonville High School hosted a magnificent Spring Choir Concert. The event brought together a diverse group of schools, ages, and musical styles to create a beautiful and unequaled night for everyone attending. The entire community of Wilsonville came alive with the power of music.

The concert showcased the talents of several schools, including Boeckman Creek Elementary School, Meridian Creek Middle School, Wood Middle School, and Wilsonville High School. Each school was represented by several choirs, including Beginner Choir, Advanced Choir, Symphonic Choir, Chamber Choir, and Sold Out (an advanced acapella group).

The conductors for the evening were Annie Kubacheck (director of WHS and MCMS), Kaeli Porter (director of WMS), and Brandy Golston (director of BCPS). All three conductors are known for their exceptional leadership skills and their ability to inspire their students to greatness.

One of the highlights of the evening was the performance of the Symphonic Choir, with the theme “Music from all around the world.”

This year, the choir had the privilege of having two breathtakingly gifted exchange students, Veera Valtonen from Finland, and Isabel Márquez from Mexico. In honor of their presence, the choir performed one song from each of their countries, “Taivas on sininen” and “La bruja,” respectively.

The choir also sang several other international songs to send a message of unity in the world and peace. Making the most of this opportunity to befriend teenagers from all over the globe and learn about their way of life. 

Another standout performance was by the Sold-Out group, who performed three amazing acapella songs. Their small yet powerful group of skillful voices sang “Fire,” “Dear John,” and “Something Big” with incredible energy and mastery.

The evening ended with a bang when the school choirs came together to sing “Four Chords,” a fun and engaging mashup of mainly pop songs with… you guessed it, four chords. This song brought everyone together, and even the elementary schoolers in the front row were dancing to the tunes.

The joy and energy in the auditorium were palpable, and it was clear that the choir community is a key component in the vivaciousness of the city bringing joy to all its residents. 

In total, the choirs performed 27 songs, showcasing a well-thought-out repertoire of engaging and emotionally evoking music for all skill levels.

The audience was thrilled with the spectacular performance and left feeling uplifted and inspired after admiring the brave little kiddos up on stage and more experienced adolescents singing what for some of them may be their last year of high school performances before leaving for college. 

Senior exchange student from Finland, Veera Valtonen, expressed her admiration for the choir’s effort to accurately pronounce the words in their Finnish song, “Taivas on sininen.” She acknowledged that there was still an American accent but was impressed by how far they had come.

She also spoke highly of her experience in choir during her exchange year, describing it as a “fun break from the monotony of everyday school subjects and a source of dynamic and easy-going friendships”. 

Senior student Penelope Burian, who participated in the concert, commented on the importance of music and the arts in early childhood development saying, “It is really important, in my opinion, for kids to be in contact with the arts from a young age.”

Being on stage with the elementary and middle schoolers for the last song, “Four Chords,” reminded her of when she first discovered her passion for music and the amazing community that comes with it. 

Conductor Brandy Golston expressed her pride in the outcome of the concert, acknowledging that everyone had done an amazing job.

She emphasized that the most important part of choir in elementary school was having fun and making friends. She also added “Concerts make kids step outside of their comfort zone and push themselves towards a goal. Getting up on the stage is not easy but it makes them realize it’s achievable and enjoyable.”

Overall, the Spring Choir Concert was a beautiful celebration of music that left the audience in awe of both the talent and dedication of all participants. Now everyone is beyond excited to see what they come up with next, keeping up with the future of these young, talented, and animated melomaniacs and their devoted teachers.