Wilsonville High School’s Equestrian Extraordinaires


Jamie Harris

Meagan Harris (senior) is shown above penning cows. She and her horse, Coors, earned third place in this event. Photo courtesy of Jamie Harris.

Wilsonville’s very own equestrian team is kicking their competition into high gear as their riding season continues! The team placed first place in the medium school division at the last event, the Tri River Valley meet.

Many athletes on the team have already qualified for the state meet in May of this year, but some athletes on the team are taking their horse riding to an entirely new level. Athletes Meagan Harris, Grace Nelson, Anna Keysner, and Kaitlyn Widener competed in the Hand Obstacle Relay for the first time this season and placed third.

Gearing up for the state championships are athletes Meagan Harris, Grace Nelson, Rachel Mattecheck, and Kaitlyn Widener. This team placed second in their event which cinched their spot in the state competition.

Also winning a qualification for state is Wilsonville’s freestyle fours team. These athletes and their horses improved their score by an impressive 39 points as compared to their last best.

In individual sections, there was also much team success to be seen. Anna Keyser and her horse, Willy, competed in a dressage test and earned good race times. Kaitlyn Widener and her horse, Juice, finished in first place once again!

Evelyn Douthit earned 7th pace in Western Horsemanship with her horse, Jack. Evelyn says that her favorite part of being on the equestrian team is “probably practices because they are very high energy and fun. There’s lots of laughing and messing around, but when we do get stuff done its very productive.”. Douthit adds “It’s really cool to see how much we improve”.

The next event for the Wilsonville Equestrian team is a Three Rivers Valley meet from April 20 through April 23. The meet will be held at the Yamhill County Fairgrounds in McMinnville. You can also catch this amazing team of athletes at their state meet, which will be held in Redmond during May of this year.