Do you believe in tipping?

Do you believe in tipping?

Tipping has become a huge deal in the food industry nowadays. Have coffee shops and restaurants become too comfortable with asking for tips? Do you think tipping shouldn’t be a thing? If you drive through Dutch Bros and even Starbucks, an option to tip the baristas is optional, but very much shoved in your face.

As someone who works as a barista, tipping has a huge impact on a paycheck. Almost a $300 boost to paychecks, not including cash tips. As a barista, it is very nice, but I also understand the uncomfortable push it can feel when that is asked. Tipping didn’t become a very huge thing, and was only a big thing in the restaurant industry. Do you think it’s gone a little overboard?

Ainsley Kennedy, a common customer at Dutch Bros, states, “I don’t really ever tip, but they don’t usually ask me. If they ask then sometimes I will.” Kennedy is someone who will go to Dutch a lot, but usually only order one drink. “If it was asking to tip a percentage, on bigger orders I wouldn’t usually because it could be a large number, but If I do it’s around 1 or 2 dollars.”

Tipping definitely pulls more workers in, but also can push customers away. While asking for a tip, it can make some people uncomfortable, but as a barista, at times I can feel very uncomfortable asking as well. So, little do you know it goes both ways. Many people feel bad when they don’t tip, but it isn’t the biggest deal, because as someone who is getting tipped, you never know why or the person’s situation!

Tipping based on customer service, and quality is the best way to base a tip off of, so if you’re uncomfortable don’t worry. Lastly Kennedy states, “I don’t ever really think about it!” So, do you think tipping is a good idea outside of the restaurant industry?