Girls lacrosse scores massive win against Westveiw

The Wilsonville high school girls varsity team beat Westview in a landslide match.

Wilsonville Girls lacrosse player carrying the ball to victory. Photo credit Greg Artman.

GM Artman

Wilsonville Girls lacrosse player carrying the ball to victory. Photo credit Greg Artman.

Wilsonville girls lacrosse played against Clackamas High School on Monday and did very well. Wilsonville won in a landslide match with a final score of 14 to 5. This came after a much closer game earlier last week where Wilsonville only beat Oregon City’s Girls’ lacrosse team by only a couple of points.

Wilsonville Girls lacrosse team has been under stress as our league season started off with a three-loss streak. Our first loss was against Lake Oswego High School where we lost 3 to 18 in a home game.

The next game was followed up by another loss in an away game; also against  Lake Oswego. Ironically the game ended with the same score of 3 to 18. The third and final loss came against West Linn in a home game. Similar to the other games we played we only scored 3 points, while West Linn scored 17.

Things started turning around for Wilsonville when we played against Oregon City in Pioneer Stadium. The Wildcats left with a victory with a final score of 10 to 6. While the game was tight, Wilsonville came out on top and that is when things started to look up. On Monday of this week, Wilsonville played Clackamas in a home game here at Randal Stadium. Wilsonville scored phenomenally well and the Wildcats left with a final score of 14 to 5.

After this victory, two players for the girl’s varsity team reflected on how the game went, and what it means for the season going forward.

Taylor Smith considered Monday’s game, “It went really well, we beat the other team by a lot and we just did really well as a team.” She said the team’s greatest strength during that game was, “Probably our intensity, we did a lot of good passing and also some great defending.”

Bianca Pinoli, another varsity player, looked ahead to the game against West Linn.  She said, “Tonight’s game will be a harder team but we will still put forth the same amount of effort to hopefully do well.”

Overall girls’ lacrosse had a rough start to the league season, but if they keep it up it looks like a comeback is on the horizon.