Should we be more demanding about sustainability?

Less waste leads to better sustainability!

Highschoolers drive their own cars to school, throw away cups after one use, and don’t utilize their ability to ride bikes to be more sustainable. I think nowadays, students can tend to be very distracted, refraining from using eco-friendly cups and creating more pollution from vehicles. I bet you could count 75% of students walking into school with a non-reusable straw or cup, and either throwing it away, or it ending up on the ground. How can we fix pollution and littering, and start to become more sustainable?

I think it’s very important to remember how much gas leads to pollution. Carpooling as a high schooler isn’t always easy, but to remain more sustainable, talking to a friend and catching a ride has the best environmental benefits. But carpooling can be difficult– senior Ainsley Kennedy says, “I think sometimes carpooling is difficult, because me and my friends live a decent distance away, and sometimes is can be inconvenient, but when it is easy for them to pick me up we always carpool to be more sustainable and save gas.”

Many kids at WVHS are known for going to get something to drink from Dutch Bros or Starbucks. The waste of the plastic cups is crazy in our trash cans. Sydney Hildebrandt says, “I go to Dutch a good amount, but I definitely think if the stores created a better way to be more sustainable, I think there would be less waste.” I believe that if stores like Dutch Bros and Starbucks were to become more sustainable and require better options for cups and straws, there would be less waste. Do you think this is a good idea?