Location, location, location!


Meredith Krecklow

Student sitting in the front sits tall and listens to the lesson. His grade in the class is going to be an A.

It’s the first day of school and you walk into class and pick a seat. You look around and see one in the front and one in the back; does the decision really matter? Yes! Sitting in the front row has actually proven to be a better spot to sit if you want to get better grades. 

While the back of the class might seem like an enticing party; ultimately, the front of the class will bring you more benefits. Kiera Easterly said, “The classes I need help in I sit in the front so I can get help from the teacher more often.” 

Sitting in the front of the class seems like it’s a one on one with the teacher with very little distractions from other peers. It allows you to completely focus on the lesson and retain more information. 

One anonymous Junior detailed, “I wanted to do good so I moved to the front and I feel like I’ve been understanding things easier.” Sitting toward the front allows you to become more engaged in the class and learning. 

Although, a move to the front of the classroom can be daunting for many students; It means that all eyes are on you and your chances of getting called on increase. The back of the class is much more distracting than the front. “Normally in my easier classes I sit in the back because it’s easier to slack off and not do as much when you’re sitting in the back,” added the anonymous Junior. 

A big change? Yes, but the benefits of sitting in the front of the class are exponentially greater than any of the cons. Your focus in the class will increase and your grades will soar. So next time your teacher lets you pick your seat… choose the one in the front.