Wilsonville golf: driving into state


Greg Artman

Senior captain Mia Combs taking a swing. Girls golf remains undefeated in league tournaments.

The boys and girls golf team at Wilsonville High School may be small in numbers, but they are large in talent. While continuing their successful seasons, the teams both have high hopes as it comes close to an end. 

The girl’s golf team started their 2023 season, unsure of what was ahead. After losing two very talented seniors, and expecting a talented incoming freshman class, they were ready to take on the season. Sophomore Madeline Downie shares how her golf has improved since her last season on the team. “I took a lot of time over the summer to work on my game, and just overall experience of golf has been raised and with that comes with more confidence.” 

Girls’ golf has been dominant this season, winning league and undefeated in tournaments. The team is the current defending state champions and is looking to secure that title for the second year in a row. The team is excited about the challenge of taking on state, and they feel prepared and confident to do so. 

Downie describes her favorite parts of being on the team, “I really love the socialization. I love being able to hang out with my friends after school every day at practice, and it’s really fun to meet new people at tournaments.”

The boys golf team consists of five athletes. The team has won multiple tournaments this year. Junior Max Nelson, emphasized, “this year as a team we are way better than last year.” Throughout the season, the team has created many memories. Nelson also states, “I’m not exactly sure how many tournaments we have won, but enough to win league.” Winning the league is a huge accomplishment, but their season is not over yet. A goal Max has set for himself is “to shoot in the low 80s.”

Good luck boys and girls golf with the rest of your season!