Senioritis in full swing


Hope Williams

Senior Claudia Molatore makes bracelets during her AP Lit class after the AP test.

Seniors are getting to that point in the year where they are starting to wrap up classes before finals, but many are starting to feel the burnout from high school. Almost all of the seniors have decided on what they are doing after high school and are ready to graduate, but they are finding the days dragging by as their moments in high school come to a close. Many are getting caught with senioritis.

With May starting, seniors are looking forward to the time between graduation and the end of AP finals because many won’t have much to do in classes. Some students are already finding that classes are becoming easier with work, or are harder to stay focused in. Students have started counting down the days until they no longer need to worry about high school grades. 

Senior Brandon Bautista, also known as Popo, has started to feel the effects of senioritis. “Just being a senior alone, the urge to leave is really strong,” he says when asked about senioritis. He also states that he is starting to see it in his grades, dropping from what they originally were at the beginning of the year. Popo is now working on getting his grades back up before the year is over. 

Jocsan Ocampo is another senior who shares his thoughts on senioritis. He agrees with Popo and says that he is also finding it hard to find the motivation to do work. Jocsan is putting all of his efforts into AP tests now and is going to get to other work later. “I’m just trying to make it to the end, just trying to finish,” Jocsan describes.

Seniors are trying their best to get through the rest of the school year and as the days dwindle by, students are grinding out work that needs to get finished. Some may not feel the effect of senioritis but it has definitely hit most hard.