Favorite summer activities


Reece Buchanan

Memorial Park is a popular place for students to hang out. There are soccer and baseball fields, basketball and tennis courts, and a trail that leads down to the river.

Although the weather seems to be playing tricks on us, going from hot to cold to raining, summer is approaching. With school ending soon, that leaves students to go out and find different summer activities to do. So what are students’ favorite summer activities? 

Lauren Thomas, a sophmore, talks about some of the things she likes to do during the summer. Thomas goes more into detail, explaining that she likes “going to the park with friends to cool off and stay active.” There is nothing better than being with friends during your time off in the summer. Thomas also explains that she also likes “going through town.” There are many things to do in town like getting food and ice cream, or even going shopping. 

Asa Gessler, a freshman, also explains some of his favorite things to go do over the summer. Gessler explains that, “one of my favorite summer activities is to go swimming, whether it’s in a pool or a river, it’s a good way to cool off and spend time outside!”  Swimming is a great way to spend time outside and cool off from the summer heat. There are many different pools and rivers that are easily accessible in Wilsonville as well. 

Cassidy Yourg, a junior, talks about having fun with her friends over the summer. She explains that, “one of my favorite summer activities is hanging out with my friends and going to see new movies.” Going to see new movies is always fun, and over the summer, the Wilsonville theater does dollar movie nights where they show already released movers for only a dollar. It’s a great way to to get the full theater experience for cheaper. 

As the end of school approaches, and summer begins, there are many fun things to do for students over the summer. Whether it be going to the park with friends, or swimming to get away from the summer heat, students have many options for what they would like to do over the summer.