Wilsonville varsity baseball 10-1 and 2nd in league rankings

Cooper Adams (player 12) throwing the ball to a teammate. Photo courtesy of Greg Artman.

Greg Artman

Cooper Adams (player 12) throwing the ball to a teammate. Photo courtesy of Greg Artman.

Wilsonville’s varsity baseball has had quite a fantastic season so far. From great wins, playing in an international tournament, and now, crushing the league season. Wilsonville went 10-1 in the league, placing them in the 2nd rank sanding. We are going over the season to see what this means for the finals.

The league season started out rough when they faced off against Hillsboro in a series. In the first game, they narrowly won 2 to o. Fortunately, the other two games were not as difficult, and they beat Hillsboro 15 to 0 and 4 to 2. The first series of the season, and already a perfect record.

The second series was against Canby High School, and we had similar results to the Hillsboro series. The first game was a good win, with the Wildcats scoring 7 to 0. After that, we won the next home and away game against Canby 6 to 3 and 6 to 5.

The next series in the league season was against a long-time rival to Wilsonville, La Salle. In the first game, the Wildcats skated by with a 2 to 0 score, but in the second game they were not as lucky. The second game in the series was a loss where they scored 5 to 6 and lost to LaSalle. After their six-game streak was ended, the Wildcats took retaliation in the next game and beat La Salle 7 to 3.

The most recent (and ongoing) series is against Millwakie Academy of Arts. The first game was a landslide win for Wilsonville scoring 14 to 5. Following that massive win the Wildcats had an away game on Thursday, where they had similar results; scoring 11 to 1.

The league season is not over yet, but despite this the Wilsonville varsity baseball team is showing incredible resolve. If the Wildcats keep this up, they have a high chance of making the championships.

To get a scoop of the inside of the baseball team we interveiewed Luke Hanier (Player #20) and Berkley Reents(#2) on their thoghts on the season. Reets said about the team’s performance, “Pitchers threw well and threw strikes, we made plays behind them on defense. It was awesome to see everyone contribute to the two wins and get this winning streak going again. Everyone is getting hot and we are ready to go try and win this league championship.” We then asked Luke Hainer on who some of the key players are for the team are– he stated, “Mark (#10) hitting,Wade (#3) pitching, and Maverick (#6) in the outfield.”

Overall the Cats are playing very well this season and they have a very strong chance at playing in, and even winning, the finals.