Recognizing students for good


Clara Sweeney

Sophomore Fareeda ElManhawy poses with the treat she was gifted. She exemplified the wildcat way this month.

Throughout the month of April, teachers have been observing students to recognize outstanding wildcat behavior, academic growth, and exemplary kindness. 

Last Friday, Wilsonville’s principal, Mrs. Schmidt, announced multiple students who expressed these admirable attributes of a Wildcat.

 Assistant Principal Mr. Olsen explains this in more depth, “We’re going to make an announcement and congratulate the students. We’re gonna make it a goal to continue to do this each month. It will evolve.” 

In weeks recently passed, Wilsonville High School’s staff made necessary, but intense comments aloud to hearten and make students aware of the reflection our student body portrays through everyday actions. 

Moving forward, Wilsonville High School has begun emplacing stricter boundaries and expectations regarding respect and kindness towards the school and its resources. Many efforts such as restoring bathroom courtesy, showing appreciation for our janitors, picking up after hallway messes, and demonstrating more care towards the school environment have been prioritized. 

But according to Mr. Olsen, “So we oftentimes up here don’t do enough recognizing the positive things students do. But we’ve realized there are way more students that do good things than bad.” 

Hoping to begin a chain of positive events, April marks the first recognition of all the wonderful things Wilsonville’s campus and people offer. “We wanted to start somewhere,” Mr. Olsen continues. 

Over time, this active change in the school can shift the overall dynamic of learners and an atmosphere for visitors that shares the greatness of Wilsonville. 

“Hopefully, students understand and realize that there are a lot of good things happening at school, and if they can focus on that and see themselves participating in that way, the culture will shift for the better.” Assistant principal Mr. Olsen shared from an inside perspective the future goals of the school’s plan. 

With much hope for a bright and successful future for Wilsonville High School, the teachers and office staff care about the movements and development of the School’s reputation and model Wildcat students.