AP testing affects student sleep schedules

During the two weeks that AP testing happens, many students will experience a change in their sleep schedule due to studying.


Hope Williams

AP textbooks for APUSH and AP Biology. Some students find textbooks helpful during their final days of studying.

With AP testing happening for two weeks, many students will study late, leading to a messed up sleep schedule. Students are working hard and are focusing on getting good scores on the AP tests. Getting good sleep during stressful times is very important but can be harder than it sounds. 

Sleep helps keep the mind active and ready, but getting a good sleep before a big test can be hard. Nerves and stress can keep a student up at night, worrying and thinking about an upcoming test. AP exams are huge and are definitely a stressful time for students.

Aditi Bhaskar, a senior, comments on how she tends to study for a test so she can keep a normal sleep schedule. She tries to keep her schedule the same and will even go to bed a half hour early just in case her brain needs more time to relax before bed. “I do get up early the morning of due to stress and being ready for the exam, I’ll also go over things just to refresh my mind.” Bhaskar continues to explain how she doesn’t study the night before the test but on other nights leading up to the exam. She does other extracurriculars that tend to be later in the day so she will do her studying before then so afterward she can just go home and rest.

Amina Redfiled, a sophomore, says that she does notice a difference in her sleep schedule around testing time. Redfiled is a student-athlete so she does spend most of her time after school at practice or meets. She sometimes will get home late, leading to her spending some hours studying late into the night. “I’ll wake up periodically throughout the night or I’ll think a lot about what I have to do so it keeps me up,” Redfiled explains about her sleep around AP testing or any type of exam. 

Redfiled and others at Wilsonville experience a loss of sleep around testing due to stress and thinking about what the test will cover. It is normal for students to stay up late for some studying before a big exam, like the AP tests that many are taking during these two weeks.