Should track and field have a senior night?


Greg Artman

Seniors bonding over a selfie! Senior night is a great way to bring teams together to celebrate their players.

Senior nights are what seniors look forward to most when it comes to ending their career in the sport they’re involved in. Many believe that it should be an ongoing sport, giving thanks to ones who stayed for so long, and sending seniors off to move onto a new chapter in life. Unfortunately, many seniors are sad when it comes to not having a senior night during track season because it isn’t an option.

Do you think it’s important to show thanks to seniors who are a part of the track team? “Seniors have been here working hard for four years and every other sport does it so why don’t we?” Carter Cutting states. Everyother sport at WVHS has a senior night and it is what every kid looks forward to. Senior nights are huge deals, and when you’re a freshman, it is cool to see what you will be able to look forward to in senior year. Many remember even elementary school looking at the seniors getting recognized for finishing a chapter that was important to them in their life.

It’s important to show thanks to individuals on the track team who have been here since the beginning of their high school career. “Personally, I think it is fun to have a senior night. Having one during soccer season was something to remember, and I think it’s very important especially because seniors are such important aspects to the team.” Yaseen Mubashir states. Mubashir, not being a part of the track team, still believes it’s important to show thanks to seniors. As he was a big part in soccer, and gre up playing, he knows how it feels special to be recognized for accomplishing something that’s been very important to him.

Since we are only in high school once, it’s important to show thanks and gratitude towards those who are leaving. WVHS is usually very good at showing thanks, but I believe we should be appreciative of seniors on track and field as well.