The workload of post-AP exam students


Sophia Day

Juniors Kellen Rapp and Nick Colyer are engrossed in a Youtube Lebron highlight reel. This is occurring during Mr. Barkley’s AP Calc class.

As the year comes to a close, as do the endless nights of studying for AP exams. Many students took one or more classes this year to challenge themselves academically, and to potentially earn college credit. For some, it’s time to relax.

Kellen Rapp, junior, is thoroughly enjoying his life post-AP tests: “It’s all over now; I’m blessed.” He explains that as his class workload has died down, he has time to explore his true passions, “I’ve been watching a lot of LeBron highlight reels. In fact, I watched all of them— I had to move on to watching the lowlights!” 

Nick Colyer, also a junior, choses to take it easy post-AP tests. He joined Rapp to watch highlight reels, but after a while, he even grew tired of it. “Are you still watching Lebron?” he asked Rapp. 

While some students are treating their AP classes as a free period, others continue the academic grind. Senior Theo Buchwald still takes tests in Mr. Humphrey’s AP Statistics class. He notes, “Just because the AP test is done doesn’t mean the work is over.” 

Teachers vary in their lesson plans after the AP tests. Some continue the work, and others allow the students to choose what they get to do. For example, Mr. Deeder’s AP Macro class is still doing work, along with Mr. Humphrey’s AP Calc BC and Stats classes. Anthea Goh, senior, explained her workload for those classes: “It’s not a ton of rigorous work, but there are still assignments. It’s nothing like the preparation for the AP exams though.”

Though the workload has definitely lightened for most students by this time in the year, they’re always encouraged to continue challenging themselves. It’s nice to relax now that they’ve completed their exams, but in taking the classes they’ve hopefully become better learners, so the learning shouldn’t stop!