Seniors participate in a thrilling new game


Hannah Wilken

Grant Carli, Senior, is shown here with a super soaker. Although Carli did not play the game, he still took part in helping people with their targets and spraying water on passerby.

Senior Assassin, the relatively new game currently being played by the Wilsonville class of 2023, is keeping the seniors on their toes and constantly looking over their shoulders. This high-action game involves chasing, dodging, offense, and defense. In the game, students are assigned a “target” to “assassinate”.

Students are allowed to use water guns, nerf guns, and “orbeez” guns in order to shoot and eliminate their targets. At the beginning of the game, each participant is assigned a designated person to assassinate and then the game begins.

This year, the admin and person in charge of the whole game and its social media account is senior Lilli Wesse. When looking for a way to bring the senior class closer together, Lilli stumbled upon this idea on social media. “I saw it on TikTok and heard a bunch of other schools were playing it”, said Wesse.

Although Lilli enjoyed being in charge of the game and seeing all of the joy it brought to the graduating class, she also feels that she wishes she also had an opportunity to play. “If we were to play it again I would want to play, but I am definitely enjoying running the game”.

A participant in the game, Kayden Marquis says that he thinks the game is a fun way for students to involve themselves in their senior class before the end of high school. Although George Heilig recently eliminated Marquis, he thoroughly enjoyed the game. He shares that his demise was the involvement of his parents

“My parents snitched on me and I got out on the second day… My dad snitched on me and told [George] where I was and then he got me”. Marquis also stated that he wishes that the game was more fast-paced. “I feel like most people just kinda hid, it made it boring. So if people went out more, I guess [it would have been more fun].”

Overall, seniors who participated in this game had a great time and felt more connected to the people who they generally might not talk to or see outside of school.