The impact of television on students’ lives now


Taylor Hadden

Maddie Holly sits and watches Spongebob as she takes a break. Spongebob is a classic show that many Gen Z people have grown up on.

Growing up in a generation heavily influenced by technology, many kids were raised by tv shows. No matter how much people try to deny it, many mannerisms and humor come from the shows people have watched growing up. From Little Einsteins to Fresh Prince of Bel Air, tv shows have a significant part in shaping a person into who they are today. 

Television can be used in a multitude of ways: entertainment, learning, etc. Typically shows targeted toward children like to incorporate learning lessons and or interactive bits. For example, Dora takes the viewers, typically younger children, on an adventure and seeks help to solve a puzzle or mystery. 

Theo Buchwald, a senior here at WVHS, explained “I think Dora affected my childhood by teaching me basics in Spanish and identifying objects.” Buchwald also mentioned that the show is beneficial and can help kids start learning at a young age and gain basic cognitive skills. 

Spongebob is a classic show to many people in Gen Z. The comedy, characters, and childlike innocence has been permanently ingrained into everyone’s mind. Needless to say, it was one of the most iconic shows around in this generation. 

Nick Crowley, junior, agrees that Spongebob was a crucial memory in their childhood. He mentioned, “It was a comfort show I could watch when I wanted to laugh or even just relax.” Crowley also touched on the fact that the show was an opportunity to bond and laugh with his friend; it was their favorite show. 

As young adolescents continue to grow into their teenage selves, they begin to watch more mature shows with more adult humor. The Office, a classic sitcom, was and is still a highly viewed show amongst many people across the US. It features many famous actors and actresses like Mindy Kaling, Steve Carell, and more. 

Senior, Will Hemsley, explained, “It shaped a lot of my humor for a while and was something I talked about a lot, some of my behavior definitely came from watching the show.” He agrees that the show has changed him for the better and has had a significant impact on his life.

Television can be used for a good laugh, problem-solving, education, and more. The influence shows have on people, both good and bad, has the ability to change aspects of someone’s life. What you watched has shaped you into the person you are today, no doubt about it.