Testing season threatens mental health


Emily Barry

Students’ brains are constantly thinking of more than one thing at a time like this one. Testing exemplifies stress levels for many.

The end of the school year is a time to look forward to, a time to celebrate all that has been accomplished since September. That being said, the end of the school year also carries loads of quizzes and exams that add extra stress to students’ already over-filled plates.

From May to June there are weeks filled with Advanced Placement tests. Students prepare for these tests the whole year and that can mean a lot of pressure. Not to mention students have to prepare for finals soon after these tests conclude.

Senior Sameera Yatham is a seasoned test taker, but she still experiences added stress during this time of the year. “The AP tests are really expensive so I feel like I have to do well,” Yatham stated that other students she knows take on a lot of stress for the tests in hopes that they can use the scores in college.

Theo Buchwald shared how testing makes him feel, “I had to take the late test for computer science principles so I had to be stressed for a prolonged amount of time, and it is not a dual credit class so the test matters.” Buchwald added that he has “larger fluctuations” in his mood during testing season.

Yatham took four AP tests this year and dropped some tips for her fellow students, “Plan things in advance. Don’t wait to study until the last month before your test. Cramming everything in doesn’t help.”

While getting good grades is important to students and is something to be celebrated. Mental health should everyone’s top priority. If you are feeling too overwhelmed and anxious about all of the important tests, there are so many resources that can help.

Wilsonville school counselors are truly superheroes and are here to help you! Stop by the counseling office or email your counselor if need help navigating your class load, or if you feel like your mental health is at risk.

Finally, while getting that 5, or an A plus may feel pretty good at the moment, there are more important things in life to reach for. Create goals for yourself that don’t have to do with a specific score or letter grade. Getting one B won’t deter your course in life. Universities won’t drop you if you don’t pass your AP Calculous BC test.