From a freshman point of view


Avery Eckley

Football games help to build our community. As they find their place at our school, freshmen appreciate guidance and advice from upperclassmen.

Avery Eckley and Halle Harris

Within this podcast, freshmen discuss how they survived their first years of high school.

Focusing on a variety of students, this genuine conversation incorporates many perspectives and yet, still clarifies some key tips for incoming freshmen and for other peers to reflect on.

These quick tips have guided current high schoolers and are suggestions for incoming teenagers who may be feeling the same curiosity, nerves, fear, anxiety, or excitement about school.

The guest speakers range and offer unique answers to our simple questions, but they all tie back to wondering how these students survived their first year of high school and how they could advise incoming freshmen before the start of their 4-year journies.