Exploring Aurora

A Wilsonville High School student leads a tour of historic Aurora

Aurora… one of Oregon’s most historic towns that carries a lot of memories with it.

The community of Aurora is one that is alive with color to this day. Events like concerts, historical walks, and antique events are held quite often throughout the year. People come from all around Oregon to see what Aurora has to hold. 

Alina Jakobson, award winning videographer, is a junior at Wilsonville High School who captured the beauty of this small town. Tucked in the busy world – peaceful Aurora is home to several petite antique shops, restaurants, and a community of people working hard to preserve the beauty of this historic oasis.

Alina showcases how much Aurora truly has to offer and how it can be a fantastic getaway for Wilsonville students and their families. Bored for summer? Take a trip back in time to Aurora where there’s always something going on. Aurora is only a 25 minute drive from Portland and a 10 minute drive from Wilsonville High School. 

Many students enjoy going after school to enjoy a cup of coffee and shopping in the stores with bunches of homemade goodies. Alina’s goal with this video was to promote the wonders of Aurora while keeping its history alive. 

In fact, many residents of Aurora perform in reenactments to commemorate the history within the town. These reenactments are very popular among the town and take place in the Old Aurora Colony Museum. 

Aurora is a special town for many and the history it holds is commemorated in so many ways.