Can finals be fun?


Reese Buchanan

Finals week is approaching and many student are stressed. They try to cram in as much studying as they can until they day comes.

School coming to an end means finals week is right around the corner. Finals week is a stressful time for almost everyone, as students are trying to cram in as much studying as they can. Although the tests usually seem like they are a million questions, there are, however, some classes that have unique finals. 

Lauren Thomas, a sophomore, has a different type of final. Rather than a pen and paper final, her Modern US History class will be doing a mock trial instead. Thomas explains, “I am the judge for the mock trial, so I’m excited.” She also adds that “it’s a defamation case from the US suing the world for spreading recklessly false information about them.”  

It’s good when students are excited about their finals. Most of the time, innovative finals can lead students to putting less pressure on themselves, and still be able to feel like they did a good job on said final. 

Aysha Marin, another sophomore, is also doing something different for her Modern US History class. Instead of a typical final, they will be making comic strips. Marin goes into detail, saying, “You get to pick out an event, or person, or something between World War I and World War II, it just has to be after the civil war. ” She also explains that “you do research about a certain topic and then you get to make a comic strip that can either be a fictional story or a real story about that certain event.”

Not all finals have to be super stressful, it’s nice to have some classes that take a creative twist on how you demonstrate your knowledge and what you have learned. Whether it be a mock trial or a creative comic strip, we need more finals that can demonstrate our knowledge and learning, but also entail a unique and creative twist.