The hottest hobbies among students


Pixabay (creative commons)

Photography is one of the most widely accessible hobbies. Despite what equipment you are using, photography can be engaging for anyone.

High School can be mentally draining. Hobbies offer a creative outlet for students to express themselves when out of school. WVHS is an incredibly diverse group with an array of different hobbies for students to express themselves outside of school.

One hobby that has maintained immense popularity for decades is video games. Online multiplayer games, such as Fortnite and Minecraft, allow students to connect with friends and engage in multiplayer gameplay. “I love playing Fortnite outside of school, especially with my friend Jamie,” says Freshman Layne Wettstein.

Photography is another popular pastime among WVHS students. With most students having smartphones, photography has never been more accessible. Students who have taken photography as a class find themselves with skills more advanced than their peers, though any student can have fun taking pictures and documenting their life.

Music is another hobby that resonates with WVHS students. Many pupils find comfort in listening to some of their favorite music while completing other activities, such as driving, or completing homework. With apps like Spotify, an endless vault of music is at the fingertips of any user, making music an exciting prospect for students to indulge in.

Fitness and exercise have also become significant hobbies among high school students. With gyms like The Edge being within driving distance of most students, it’s no surprise that it’s such a popular spot for students to gather. “I go to Edge with my friends and play pick-up basketball every week,” comments Sophomore Carter Lam. The gym can not only be a great area for students to have fun, but it can also be a vessel for self-improvement.

WVHS is host to a number of trendy hobbies that see students’ passions bleed through different outlets. Whether it’s gaming, photography, music, fitness, or anything else, there is no shortage of recreational opportunities for students to dive into.