Next step for Seniors


Paul Liu

Senior graduation at Rolling Hills Community Church. Congratulations to all seniors in the class of 2023 for finishing their high school careers.

As the year closes in and there are few days left of school, seniors, juniors, sophomores, and freshmen are filled with different emotions, eagerness, and anticipation. But for seniors, it’s the final year of their high school education. No matter who you are, all seniors are connected by the same experience of entering and leaving the same building almost every day for the past four years: Wilsonville High School. 

Seniors have seen and done many things, whether memorable or forgettable and what did occur will remain as treasured memories until life long after high school. “I think high school gave me many opportunities and lots of fun and memorable moments,” says graduating senior Maxim Wu. However, it’s important to see that your experiences are never the same as your peers. Some may be similar to fellow students, yes, but more often they are far different. 

As seniors walk through the halls saying their final goodbyes, some may feel sorrowful about their departure, while some are more eager to refresh their memories with what the next step holds. After high school, whether committed or uncommitted to an in-state or out-of-state college, there are not many words to describe their futures except for “unpredictable”. Senior Wesley Hur comments, “It feels really good to be finished with high school, and I’m really excited about this summer and hanging out with family and friends.”

For many people, their experiences in high school are merely building blocks for all the rest that is to come in their long futures. Trying to imagine exactly what is to come is impossible, you can only be assured with your ability to put your head down and hustle. The best thing to do is just live through the experiences without overthinking them too much. As you move towards college life, whether you’re a person with avid goals or a person with no goals, remember to enjoy the view along the way.