Wilsonville Broadcasting Network final report

WBN has another fantastic year in 2022-2023 and looks to grow in the coming years.

Another successful year is in the books at Wilsonville Broadcasting Network, with 5,068 total live views and 128 total broadcast over the year the WBN continues to grow at a rapid rate. Thank you to all the announcers who helped WBN this year (Emily Barry, Trenton Bonfiglio, Grant Carli, Kate Gore, Lidya Harms, Ella Hubka, Meredith Krecklow, Aric Mistovich, Oliver Latta, Lorianne Servignat, Teddy Skyler, Hannah Wilken, Jonah Sandall, and Mason Seal).

WBN is very thankful to all the announcers from this year and is always on the lookout for more!

In the fall season, we had a total of 4,069 views, most of those coming from football, which had 2,737 live views. Football was excellently broadcasted by Grant Carli and Teddy Skyler. Volleyball had 551 live views thanks to the likes of Trenton Bonfiglio and Grant Carli on the microphone.

Boys and girls soccer were neck and neck when it came to views, with the boys coming out slightly on top with 392 and the girls having 389. Soccer was commentated wonderfully by Grant Carli and Teddy Skyler.

In the winter we had 928 total views between boys and girls basketball, swimming, and wrestling. This year was being able to broadcast the sports of swimming and wrestling, which has been a very exciting addition to WBN.

Even though swimming only had one view, we plan on expanding the swimming broadcasts next year so more people can enjoy that sport in an easier fashion. For wrestling, we had 84 live views and, like swimming, we will continue to expand the availability of that sport next year. Girls basketball had 254 live views while boys basketball had 589 live views, with boys basketball being announced by Mason Seal and Oliver Latta.

In the spring season, we had 671 total views. Leading the way was girls lacrosse with 191 views followed closely by boys lacrosse with 131. The lacrosse teams were announced by Emily Barry, Lidya Harms, Ella Hubka, Aric Mistovich, Lorianne Servignat, Teddy Skyler, Hannah Wilken, and Jonah Sandall.

Baseball and softball were also very close in total views, with baseball finishing with 179 views and softball with 170. Baseball and softball were announced by Emily Barry, Trenton Bonfiglio, Kate Gore, Meredith Krecklow, Lorianne Servignat, Teddy Skyler, Jonah Sandall, and Mason Seal.

Overall it was a fantastic year for WBN and the program looks to continue to grow as we head into the 2023-2024 school year. Make sure to tune in to WBN during the fall season for all Wilsonville sports!