The Paw Print edition #3


The third issue of the year is ready for readers

Mary Kimball

The Thursday before the break the journalism class came out with the third edition of The Paw Print.

The newspaper included many stories that covered most of the events happening in the school.  “In my personal experience I have found myself getting distracted during class the week before break,” Sophomore, Aly Johnston, recalled.  “It was so nice to be able to get the newspaper as the week winded down.”

She also explained that when something interesting goes on during the week it makes time go by faster.  Also some teachers have found create ways to allow kids to read the paper.

Mr. Fitzgerald has offered his AP English students extra credit if they use an article for an assignment where they analyze a piece of writing.  Mrs. West also allows her students to read it during silent reading.

With each edition The Paw Print is growing in both areas of design and content.  The journalism team would love feedback. You can send your comments or suggestions to [email protected].