2024 has never been closer


Victoria Regen

The looming date of 2024 no longer holds the significance it once did. Graduation is another moment in life that will come in stride.

Throughout my school life, time has been a consistent undercurrent in my thoughts, that leaps to the forefront when approaching the end of another year. Phrases like “appreciate your childhood” and “time flies by” were constantly thrown at me as a child, but they never resonated until HighSchool. The school day can be chaotic, it’s all too easy to get caught up in the coming and goings of the moment. 

It’s only in the quiet moments, where I can take a break and step out of what is happening in the immediate vicinity, that I realize how far I’ve come. In Primary school, seeing the term “class of 2024” was almost laughable. The year 2024 seemed alien. It was so far in the future, why even think about it now. I used to dread the year, the prospect of a change that drastic was incredibly daunting, so I suppressed the idea in the back of my head. 

Every year the dreaded date got closer, as it crept its way back into my consciousness. The date retained its beastly appearance in my mind, with the monster only growing as each new grade slipped by. Until now, where I have finally come to terms with my impending adulthood. I can’t say there was one profound moment that changed my mentality, rather a slow shift across Junior year as a whole.

Meeting new people, and exploring different headspaces was definitely a contributing factor. Coming to the realization that there were 100s of people around me on a daily basis sharing the same thoughts was immensely comforting. Ultimately, change is inevitable, no matter how hard one trys to fight it. Embrace the new opportunities coming your way, instead of fearing or neglecting them. 

I appreciate my childhood and current adolescence, but I am also looking forward to the future. Towards the no-longer scary 2024, and beyond. Adults were right, time does fly by, but wallowing in the past and resenting the future will only make it go faster. Take in every moment while it’s happening, and welcome change when it undoubtedly comes.