What do students think about the new yearbooks?


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The creativity behind the 2022-2023 yearbook was Spotify inspired, showcasing the school year and its memories as its “own song”. The author, of course, is Wilsonville High School and its students.

Daniel Lee, Staff Writer

The school year is finally coming to an end and students are ready to say goodbye to a long, enduring 12 months of school. But before they go, the school has made a grand yearbook full of memories from throughout the year to give students. 

Prepare to be amazed as you flip through the pages of our school’s new yearbooks. They accurately portray a vivid story of the past, taking you to all those special and unique moments. All in a fancy, hard-cover book that has everything and more. 

“Well, I didn’t get the yearbook this year, but the outside looked cool, I liked the Spotify thing they did. And it seemed like the yearbook was full of pictures of everything this year, like every event and they highlighted the seniors very well,” commented Axxel Renteria.

From classroom moments and school events, these yearbooks have captured our shared experiences on every positive note. The preparation behind the yearbook has undeniably gone to great lengths to make an extraordinary collection of the 2022-2023 school year representing all the sports, music, arts, science, and academic categories. 

From highlighting hyped and anticipating sports games to the incredible victories from our school in competing in ISEF, they’ve captured it all. 

These yearbooks aren’t capped at their amazing visuals; these yearbooks are packed with personality with writing found everywhere inside. You’ll find messages from classmates, senior quotes, and inspiring stories that take you through the pride of Wilsonville High School.   

Some critics of the yearbook have pitched in their thoughts, such as junior Dax Sword who said “I think it was great, but there could’ve been more of a theme. They did the Spotify theme but kind of dropped it. It could have been better with a more cohesive theme.” 

In the end, these yearbooks are put together with lots of planning and consideration and are a capsule of a special chapter of our lives.