Austin, Texas bombings

Putting together the pieces of the Austin bombing[email protected]/

Putting together the pieces of the Austin bombing

Aly Johnston, Writer

On March 2, the first bomb of many would go off in Austin, Texas.The explosion killed a 39 year old male after a device exploded on his front porch, Fox  News reports.

Only ten days later, there was another explosion reported, this time 12 miles away from the original site. A 17 year old boy was killed, and his mother was injured, when a package exploded on their front porch.

  Since then, five total explosions have gone off. One package was discovered and deactivated in the FedEx Ground Facility in Austin, Texas. 3 people died due to the bombings and 6 people were injured.

A sixth blast, though, killed the man suspected of making the bombs.The suspect, 23 year old Mark Anthony Conditt, blew himself up in his car on March 23. A 25 minute confession video was found posthumously,

The video did not provide a specific reason for the bombings, but it was clear that the bomber was disturbed.

Interim Austin Police chief Brian Manley says that Conditt did not make any terror- or hate-related references in the confession, CNN reports.