Sandy hosts the Wilsonville softball team

The Wilsonville Softball team made the trek down to Sandy High school to take on the Pioneers in an NWOC showdown. The Wildcats started out hot, taking an early lead through the second inning. Kailey Krueger started the game on the mound and pitched an exceptional game. Though the Cats started the game strong, acquiring an early lead, but it did not last. The Pioneers lit it up in the third inning, reclaiming the lead. Though Krueger continued to pitch well through the end of the game, the Cats could not make enough plays on the defensive end to help her out. When asked about how the Cats performed, junior Carly Atwood stated “We started out well and did not make many errors but towards the end we started to make more errors .That was when it got out of hand.”  By the end of the game wildcats had strung together 7 runs, but it was not nearly enough to top the 17 runs put together by the pioneers. This game marked the Cats 6th loss of the season, giving them a 5-6 record. The Cats look forward to traveling to Milwaukie to take on the Mustangs.