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Keirsey’s Korner

My job as SRO is to keep the students of Wilsonville safe. Here are some of the best tips on how to protect yourself online.
Lorianne Servignat
The online world is a scary place, and danger isn’t always clear. Here are the best tips on how to stay safe!

What’s up, Wilsonville High slays! It’s your friendly neighborhood opp (12) here, and today, we’re diving into the wild world of internet safety. 

BORING… I know, but grab your PSL and chill for a sec, this info is iconic.

Online Privacy

First things first – your online privacy is a big deal. Don’t just spill your deets for anyone to scoop up. The internet’s got its fair share of sketchy characters, so we’ve gotta keep our accounts on lockdown. It seems super obvious, but don’t post stuff like your birthday, address, or phone number for the world to see. Even your license plate number can be a clue for the online sleuths. So, be cautious when you’re snapping pics of your serving whip (PSA: DMV info is public, and anyone can request it).

Now, let’s talk social media settings. Most platforms give you the power to decide who gets a backstage pass to your life. You don’t need to let the whole internet peek into your personal business. Remember, if you’re keeping your profile public so your crush can find you, your principal, your ex, and that creepy neighbor can track you down too. You get to choose who slides into your DMs and who gets to see what’s up on your feed. Don’t let randoms crash your online party.

Profile Pics: Play It Smart!

Now, I get it. We all wanna use that one fire pic where our hair was eating, and our outfit was straight iconic. But here’s the deal: don’t overuse it! Creepers online can drag and drop that pic into Google’s image search, and voilà, they’ve got a map to every single account where you’ve used that profile picture. Play it safe – use a different pic for every different account you’ve got. 

Manage Your Digital Footprint

Alright, girlies, let’s talk digital footprint – it’s like the trail you leave while wandering the digital wilderness. Everything you do online, from hilarious memes to TikTok dances and wild Snapchat stories, it’s all part of your story. And guess what? It’s important, even when you’re just living your best online life.

Imagine this: not too far down the road, when you’re hunting for colleges or chasing your career dreams, guess what they’ll do. They’ll Google you. Seriously! They wanna know who you are beyond your grades or résumé. Are you a digital icon who spreads positivity or a drama queen? Are you all about volunteering or crashing house parties?

But here’s the twist: it’s not just about the big moments. It’s about the everyday stuff too. Remember that all-night gaming sesh or that cringy rant after a bad day? Yup, it’s all part of your digital legacy.


So, here’s the game plan: Be intentional about what you put out into the online universe.  Protect yourself from the online creeps, and make sure your online persona is as cool as you are IRL… period purr. 😉