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Mythically, magical Wilsonville

Grace Kelso
A stuffed unicorn spreads awareness about the lack of belief in magical creatures. Many argue that a horse with a horn on its head seems more realistic than giraffes.

As children, playing pretend and using your imagination was as common as black backpacks in high school. Now, approximately less than a five-minute walk away from Boeckman Creek Elementary School, lies Wilsonville High School; the graveyard of Santa Claus and unicorns. 

Today in 2023, it seems that all forms of magic have been debunked or scoffed at. Myths have been busted, and the realism of science and research has crushed dreams. All hope in mythical creatures rapidly declines as our society progresses, but do Wilsonville High School students still believe?

Olivia Lyons is a senior who still has the sparkle of magical joy in her heart: “I believe in mermaids because there is so much of the ocean we have not explored, so there’s a high chance they’re out there somewhere,” she claims. 

It’s widely agreed that some mythical creatures are just too outlandish to be considered anything close to realistic. Small-winged people, who live in the forest? Not very scientific. Leprechauns that hunger for gold? Think again. 

But what about dragons?

“The most realistic mythical creature to me is a dragon,” Lyons states, “I think dragons have evolved to become smaller forms of reptiles under different names.”

Cammy Gore shares that, in her opinion, dragons also seem to be the most realistic magical beast. 

While both girls agree that dragons are the most plausible, Gore states, “I will believe one when I see it with my own eyes.”

The need to see something to believe in its truth is a very understandable argument. However, is it possible to step away from that notion and use the power of imagination? 

If Lyons imagined herself as a mythical creature, she says she would be a mermaid. “I have always loved mermaids, and I think they are fascinating,” said Lyons. “[It’s] very cool to think about how they work, and I think it would be so fun to be a mermaid.”

The wonder of mermaids is also appreciated by 12th grader Caroline De La Motte. “My favorite mythical creature is definitely a mermaid. If I could choose to be a mythical creature, I would want to be a mermaid.” 

De La Motte continues, saying, “It would be so fun to swim around in the ocean and have a cool mermaid tail.”

When you’ve grown up, it can be hard to believe you’re a mermaid while swimming in pools or be afraid of Big Foot when walking through a forest. As for the students of Wilsonville, magic is still out there. Maybe high school isn’t a graveyard for dreams, after all.