Girls lacrosse dominates Bend in the first round of playoffs


GM Artman

Sophomore Kylie Hix on the lacrosse field.

During the season the Wilsonville girls lacrosse team held their own in the Three Rivers League, which is littered with strong 6A teams. They now look forward to making a deep run in the playoffs.

The Cats attained the luxury of playing on their home field during the first playoff matchup against the Bend Lava Bears. Was it Mike’s secret stuff (space jam)? Mass consumption of wheaties? Performance enhancing drugs? We don’t know for sure, but spectators of this event could be heard wondering what caused the mojo as they flew around the field relentlessly for two 25 minute halves.

The Cats came out hot, and stayed hot, crushing the Bears 18-5. Brooklyn Waddell, Kacy Shrock, and Mackenzie Welberg showed no remorse for their opponent, scoring goal after goal as the Wildcats added mass to their lead. Goalkeeper Abby Forester displayed reflexes similar to that of a feline as she turned into a black hole in between the sticks.

The Wildcats defense could be seen in the 2nd half eating what looked like buttered popcorn as they watched their offense put on a performance in the frontfield. As the horn sounded and the electrifying display of bravura died down, the two teams shook hands. Tears could be seen eluding the eyes of spectators of both the victor, and the defeated.

As the cats entered the tunnel, making their way to the locker room, there was no visible laughter, cheer, or delight coming from the players; for their scopes had already steadied on their next opponent, The Jesuit Crusaders. Though the Cats respect this upcoming opponent, there is no time to fear them. The game takes place this Thursday the 17th at Jesuit high school. If you want to support the Lady cats, come equipped with vocal cords and plenty of school spirit.