Football Semifinal photo album

Football Semifinal photo album

The Wilsonville football program has had an incredible season thus far, and Friday night’s game was no exception. In a typical semifinal, one would expect a close game… but the Wildcats blew the Storm out of the water.

The final score of the match was 34-2, with Summit only scoring due to a late first-half safety. Senior quarterback Kallen Gutridge threw for all five touchdowns, three that went to junior Mark Wiepert and one apiece for junior Nick Crowley and junior Emmitt Fee.

The Wildcat defense completely shut down the Storm offense. In both the running and passing game, Wilsonville stayed disciplined and had a 100% success rate in returning the ball to the offense without any points put up by the Storm.

Notable defensive plays include two interceptions by senior Nick Colyer and a recovered surprise onside kick by senior Luke Larson. These plays were both beneficial to the Wildcats and demoralizing to the Storm, as they prevented any forward progression and gave the Wildcats more scoring opportunities.

The State Championship football game will be held at Hillsboro Stadium on Friday, November 24th, at 4:30 pm. The Wilsonville Wildcats will be playing Mountainview Cougars, the third-seeded team in 5A.

Mountainview is undefeated on the season, and the Wildcats are undefeated in 5A competition. Friday night will certainly be the toughest game that both teams will play all season.


Now, here are photos taken at the incredible November 17th game:

Wilsonville’s players return to the locker room after pregame warm-ups.

The Wildcat team exits the locker room led by Ty Smith and Jack Lubisich carrying  Wilsonville’s flags.

Wiepert shakes the hand of the ref before the game and thanks him, showing exemplary sportsmanship.

Wiepert begins to return the kickoff, running through open space.

Roman Kealoha with the carry, staring down his defender.

Max Nelson blocks as Gutridge runs the ball. Gutridge had 64 rushing yards in the semi-final game.

Wiepert catches a pass from Gutridge for a gain in yardage in scoring territory.

Kealoha carries the ball. The sophomore is a powerhouse running back and had many impressive runs throughout the semifinal.

Gutridge looks downfield to find an open receiver. He promptly threw to Nick Crowley in the end zone for the first touchdown pass of the night.

Jack Miller kicks a field goal to bring the score up to 7-0 in the first quarter.

Kheller Larson makes a tackle at the 45-yard line while teammates look on.

Mark Wiepert breaks two tackles.

Eli Nelson and Max Nelson in defensive positioning, ready to protect Gutridge after the snap.

Luke Larson stands ready to defend against the oncoming wide receiver.

(Left to right) Lincoln Mason, Eli Nelson, Max Nelson, Jack Lubisich, and Roman Kealoha stand watching Coach Adam Guenther’s call for the next play.

Diego Macoco Lopez sets up the ball on the 20-yard line in preparation for a kick-off.

Gutridge with the quarterback keeper, attempting to pass three Storm defenders.

Nick Crowley extends to try to get as much forward yardage as possible while two Storm players attempt to tackle him.

With seven seconds left in the half, Gutridge looks to get a last-minute touchdown.

Early in the third quarter, Nick Colyer moves the ball up the field while two Storm players try to stop him.

On the second trick play of the night, Mark Wiepert is pitched the football by Gutridge, who snuck around the line…

… and then got in position deep downfield to receive a pass from Mark Wiepert.

Colyer sits triumphantly on the ground after his interception while the defensive lineman and linebackers throw up their arms in victory in the backfield.

Kheller Larson carries the ball in scoring territory.

Emmitt Fee celebrates his touchdown, the fourth scored by the Wildcats that night.

Wiepert collects the ball feet from the end zone to round out his high-scoring night with his third touchdown catch.

Maverick Summers sprints down the field amidst many defenders.

Coach Guenther with his “four up” for the signature fourth-quarter tradition.

Lincoln Mason and a teammate work together to make a stop early in the fourth quarter.

Trey May stops the ball carrier.

Gedde McKnight stops the ball carrier, propelling him backward.

A pack of Wildcats works together to take down a Storm running back.

Aric Mistovich and Luke Carli make a tackle with minutes left to go in the Semifinal matchup.

Coach Guenther gives his post-game speech, firing his players up for the next week of practice that they will partake in.

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This collection was shot, edited, captioned, and published by Kate Gore on behalf of the Wilsonville Broadcast Network.