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Supporting learners through the CTE Outreach

Avery Eckley
A multitude of images encapsulate the many programs at Wilsonville High School that support student growth and academic development. CTE Outreach works in tandem with the High School to advertise programs that help students connect to outside careers.

Focusing on reaching out to students, Career and Technical Education (CTE) Outreach supports students in the discovery of their personal passions. 

Carol Davis, a youth transition specialist at the district level, describes her impression of Wilsonville’s (CTE) Outreach program, saying, “CTE programs help students gain technical skills and obtain knowledge for career success.” 

The idea of a CTE program aligns with the hope of offering opportunities to students. Through a sequence of specialized classes, students connect to career paths and prepare for life after high school. 

Career and Technical Education meets individuals where they are at academically and developmentally. AP and dual enrollment are offered to jump-start some students, whereas others are more supported by the CTE program in reaching minimum graduation requirements. 

Students take an introductory class to see how the program fits their learning style before beginning a full course. The key components of CTE are to explore and gain experience. 

Available at many high schools, CTE programs bridge in-class learning into real-world applications. Whether students plan to attend a 4-year college or immediately join the military, CTE offers support to everyone. 

Community partners are the backbone of the CTE program and work to mentor students through their high school classes and careers. A wide range of communities are aboard the CTE mission to outreach in many cities and districts. 

These community members help support students by connecting students with opportunities through community colleges, the WLWV CREST center, and within their own high schools. 

Locally, Riverside, West Linn, and Wilsonville High School participate actively in CTE, which helps more students meet graduation requirements and discover their future passions. 

CTE outreach courses vary from journalism, environmental science, engineering technology, and digital arts to technical theater, art, commuter programming, and more. 

Davis describes the relationship between the program, schools, and community by stating, “A key ingredient to a meaningful CTE program is connecting industry professionals with students.” 

Further, she responds to the question of how these partnerships benefit communities by quoting, “…Through guest speakers and mentoring in the classroom, and through career tours and internships in the community.” 

CTE even offers dual credit and AP credit opportunities, giving students a jumpstart on college if they desire to attend university. 

Through CTE outreach, students can explore a career path while still in high school, which can save time and money in the future. Additionally, students apply their learning in real work-based projects, gaining real-world skills, experience, and technical knowledge in specific career paths,” Davis shares in promoting the CTE program. 

According to the WLWV School District webpage, students interested in participating in CTE should reach out to Laura Nappi, who works as an internship coordinator at the district level. 

The CTE Outreach has seen a rise in student success as they take on academic challenges and branch out when looking for careers. 

The Outreach finds careers that seek student employees and also helps young adults find where there are opportunities available in every branch of work, both common and even unusual. 

Many tools are available and freely extended to students, and the community of Wilsonville is especially excited to support learners through these courses/support centers.