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Coming soon to Wilsonville High School

Mindfulness Studies elective offered to all students in upcoming forecasting
Avery Eckley
Mindfulness guidelines give students a preview of the class goals. This mind and body awareness course will support students as they learn themselves from the inside, out.

Electives have been an escape for many students, while others provide mentally stimulating, rigorous settings. Teachers at Wilsonville work tirelessly to cover many periods in a day. 

Luckily, Wilsonville has also employed many new teachers, as noticed at the beginning of the year when the school hired 25 new teachers. Although most of the new educators cover core classes like mathematics, English/literature, sciences and history, many unique courses have been added to the curriculum. 

Coming up soon, students at Wilsonville will forecast for their preferred classes for next year. One of the newest additions to the class options list was implanted recently as Ms. Petroliunas and Ms. Brunken, (current Mental Health Specialists and Creative Engagement TOSA leaders), took on the roles as teachers of a mindfulness class.

The semester-long elective explores different mindfulness tools and skills that aim to engage students through overcoming stress, anxiety, and self-doubt. Students will be guided in learning and practicing mindfulness techniques that can be applied in everyday scenarios. 

Activities in this class would include performing meditation, engaging in community-building with classmates through group exercises, and self-exploration. Hands-on activities would come with journaling and thought provoking, reflective visualizations. 

Freshman at Wilsonville, Maisy Scanlan, provides her opinion on how she feels the high school body will respond to this additional class in expressing, “I think it’s really going to lift people’s spirits and mentality. It’s probably going to support the school well and it’s a great idea.” 

Petroliunas and Brunken shared with an online flier that this class will be set apart from similarly related classes such as yoga, dance fitness, art, etc., but sophomore Zoey Carlson honestly claims, “I think it sounds like a yoga class. I personally would not forecast for it.” She reveals another standpoint on this new class. But the beauty about the multiple electives offered at Wilsonville is the variety that stretches to fit every individual’s preference/academic needs. 

Specifically, Wilsonville High School offers a Wellness Mind and Body (Spanish) class, but Mindfulness Studies plans to hone in more on interconnectedness, which may be intriguing to some students. 

This course is made possible through Wilsonville High School’s partnership with Peace in Schools, a local nonprofit promoting the liberation of mind and heart. Ann Petroliunas shares her gratitude towards this program in stating,

“I’m grateful that Peace in Schools has selected West Linn/Wilsonville to share their research based curriculum with and I can’t wait to share their research on this transformative learning.”

Along with teachers, students seem to be interested in the new class. Students who want to learn more about the Mindfulness Studies course can find resources on the District Website and through the help of teachers. On February 14th, a preview of this class was held in room 110, and this class is still being promoted and encouraged among the student body. 

Mental Health Specialist, Lindsey Brunken says, “I can’t wait to help you discover what brings you peace, and to see you find your voice!” Students can look for this course elective titled Mindfulness Studies when signing up for 2024-2025 classes.