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The benefits of the Spanish dual language program

Profe Canales and some students rafting at the last Costa Rica trip. This trip provides opportunities for students to experience other cultures. Photo provided by Cristian Canales.

According to an article from the PEW research center, in countries such as England, students are often required to learn at least one extra language from a young age. Meanwhile, the importance of being multilingual is often overlooked in the US.

The West-Linn Wilsonville School district has changed this by offering dual language classes in Spanish since 2021, offered at 3 of the primary schools, 2 of the middle schools and two of the high schools in the district.

These classes are offered to students who have grown up with Spanish as a first language or want to learn a second language.

Dual classes are immensely beneficial and are becoming increasingly popular. They offer an advantage in future careers, specifically ones where you are required to travel. It’s useful to be able to communicate in languages besides for English.

Yaamini Aga, a sophomore, thinks the dual classes are very beneficial. “I just think they give you a great advantage over others, we learn new cultures and languages and it gives you a new perspective.”

Students are required to pass a biliteracy test to obtain this cord, called the STAMP test, where students are tested on speaking skills, writing skills, reading skills and listening skills.

Students usually start taking dual classes in kindergarten and move up until high school, where students get a cord at graduation for being bilingual.

Bilingual students often take Spanish Biology freshman year and Spanish Language Literature I. Then sophomore students can take US History in Spanish and Spanish lang lit 2.

These dual language classes can benefit students and improve skills such as enhanced creativity, problem-solving, multi-tasking abilities, etc. While improving and obtaining these skills are a huge part of being in this program, you also have the opportunity to be immersed in the culture. 

Professor Canales, a Spanish teacher at Wilsonville strongly recommends the dual program. “It helps the development of other languages, understand other cultures, and improve your perspective of others.”

Dual-class students often get to try new foods, listen to traditional music, and have opportunities to travel and experience other cultures.

In previous years, the dual classes have gotten opportunities to travel to other countries and experience other cultures, such as Costa Rica.

Current Spanish 3 and above students can travel to Costa Rica for 10 days in the summer of 2025 with Professor Canales, where they travel to the cities of Tortuguero, Sarapiqui and San Jose, and enjoy whitewater rafting, snorkeling, among other activities.

Overall, the dual Spanish dual language classes are very beneficial for students and provide numerous opportunities.