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Coquette aesthetic

What and why its trending!
Reese Buchanan
Sophia Levesque wears a black bow in her hair. She owns many different bows that she loves to wear!

Whether you have seen it around school, through videos on TikTok, or just on other social media platforms, the new and ongoing coquette aesthetic is a hard one to miss. 

The new coquette aesthetic could be described as almost dainty, with its use of light pink, pretty floral patterns, and bows, most distinctively. 

Sophia Levesque, a senior, shares her impressions and opinions on all things coquette. Levesque explains, “People say that bows are for little kids, but I think they are so cute! They definitely can elevate an outfit, especially when matching your bow to something you’re wearing, like your shirt or your pants.” 

She continues, adding, “I just think it adds that little bit of spice to your hair, and it just makes your outfit super cute.” 

Unlike little kids’ bows, which are always brightly colored and loaded with gems and glitter, coquette-inspired bows are simplistic, usually neutral or pastel colored, and give your outfit a more pretty yet sophisticated look. 

Although the coquette style can mainly be spotted through bows, Levesque comments on the other aspects of this aesthetic, announcing, “I do own House of CB clothes, which is like the number one coquette brand, but I have these cottage core dresses with the puffy sleeves, which I really like.” 

Levesque continues, “The bows are super duper cute, and I have a bunch of different patterns and designs that literally go with everything like some are really thick and some are really thick. I like to double the ribbon and make it creative, and I just think it brings uniqueness to your style.” 

Aysha Marin, a junior, shares her opinions on the coquette style and aesthetic. Marin comments on the style, announcing, “I love the new coquette trend. I love bows and the color pink, and now that it’s trending, it’s even more fun to incorporate [the style] into my outfits.” 

Marin goes on to share how, not that this style is trending, “[she has] now been wearing more coquette outfits that I feel like are now acceptable to wear, then they were in the past.” 

This style has gained popularity through different trends on TikTok, mainly accentuating the use of bows, lace, and pink. 

Marin explains more about the growth and popularity of the coquette style and aesthetic. She comments, “I saw it first on TikTok when girls started to wear dainty bows in their hair or put bows on everything, with Lana Del Rey songs in the background.”

With its new popularity, the coquette style has morphed from a cute little style involving bows and lace to a whole aesthetic, adapting different music and makeup styles to accompany it.