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The football players receive their championship rings

Seniors Luke Larson and Mason Seal show off their championship rings before prom. The ring was sized seven, which is the biggest possible size for championship rings. Photo provided by Mason Seal.

The hard work of the Wilsonville Wildcats Football team has paid off in another physical form. They have already collected their trophy, but on April 29th, the team received their State Championship rings. 

“It was super exciting, just kind of emotional really because you think about all the work and all the hours you put in,” states senior Mason Seal.

Luke Larson shares this sentiment: “It was really nice to see our hard work pay off. It’s been a while since the football season, so everyone was definitely anticipating it and super excited about it.”

As the football season ended in late November, the players eagerly awaited receiving their rings for five months.

“Seeing the ring, like opening it for the first time, that was really cool and was something that I’ve dreamed about for the past four years, so finally getting to do that was better than anything I could ever imagine,” Seal reminisced.

Behind the rings, there is a story that holds more depth to the end of their football season. 

“Some person anonymously paid for our rings which was incredible because they were pretty expensive and they were just really cool,” Larson explains. “It was nice not to have that burden, and the whole team got that burden lifted off of them.”

For the team not to have to worry about paying for the rings, allowed them to have even more of a special finish to their season. 

“It was also cool because we were able to give rings to not just the players and coaches but the photographer, the manager – even a big fan. Shout out, Calvin Lay,” Larson continued. 

Both players wrap up by explaining the impact that the 2023 season had on them. 

“Just wouldn’t have rather done it with anybody else, this group of guys was really special, they’re my best friends. I loved every minute I got to spend with them on the field. I love every minute I get to spend with them off the field,” says Seal.

Seal continues, “I’m just so thankful that I get to be in this program, thankful for my coaches, the rest of the players, the community we’re in, and especially the person who flipped the bill, that’s really cool, super thankful to him and just super blessed.” 

Larson explains: “I had a lot of fun this football season it was really good for my final game to end the way it did in the championship and my football career in general. I spent a lot of time playing football and working hard so it was cool that it ended on a super high note.”

To end this amazing season full of positives, there is one more thing to look forward to. 

“There’s also a video coming out, a documentary of our season so that should be super cool. I’m very excited about that. There’s a lot of anticipation and I’ve heard that it’s pretty good. It’s made by aspiring film student, Matthew Crowley, so it should be pretty cool,” claimed Larson.

To conclude, this past football season was one that will be remembered, not only by the senior class of 2024, but by the community around them that has supported their football team every step of the way.