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Track and Field’s first senior night

The seniors on the track team huddle together to pose on the first ever Wilsonville’s track Senior Night. The ceremony was held in the cafeteria and the athletes enjoyed delicious food and cake after their last home meet of the season. Photo provided by Kiera Easterly.

Track and Field welcomed a new and special tradition, Senior Night! For the first time, the senior track athletes were recognized on April 30th after their last home meet of the year.

“It was super fun to be recognized as a senior! It meant a lot to me to be celebrated and supported after four years on the team, and it was really sweet for everyone to put so much thought into our senior night,” says Caroline De La Motte.

Over 20 seniors participated in Wilsonville’s Track and Field team, so this class has undoubtedly had a large impact on the sport. 

Senior Ashlyn Hartford shares her thoughts on senior night: “It felt good. It’s not something we usually do in track, so it was fun to be recognized and fun to see where all the seniors are going next year!”

The ceremony, which took place after the track meet and was held in the cafeteria, recognized all seniors on the team by announcing where they are going to school next year and receiving a small bouquet of flowers.

“It was so fun to get the group of seniors together and hear everyone’s plan for next year. That was definitely a highlight,” De La Motte shares.

University of Montana commit Avery Devincenzi states the impact Senior Night left on her: “It feels special to be recognized because this is the first track senior night they have done.”

Diving into further detail, Hartford describes the emotions that come with being a senior: “My big takeaway was how grateful I am for the last four years with this awesome track team and class of athletes.”

Continuing, she shares: “I feel lucky to have been involved in track and to be surrounded and supported by my amazing coaches and teammates.”

It’s a bittersweet feeling to have been a part of something special and loved for four years. Not only does this feeling apply to track and field’s senior night, but it can also be related to a multitude of scenarios where seniors have to leave behind something cherished.

Caroline puts those feelings into words by sharing: “I’m super sad that our season is coming to a close, but I’m also super excited to end the season strong and compete at districts and state. I’ll miss Wilsonville track so much though. I’m very sad to leave.”

Ashlyn follows up by saying: “Track is super fun and it’s a plus that I get to be with my best friends and amazing coaches. It will be very missed. I’m ready and excited for the next chapter of my life though!”

While it’s hard to welcome a new change in life that closes doors on high school activities, the athletes apart of the track team were very thankful to have been recognized as seniors. 

It’s one thing to leave something behind, but it’s another thing to be appreciated for the qualities that one has brought to a team, and that’s exactly what happened at Wilsonville’s Track and Field Senior Night.