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Summertime is almost here

What students are most looking forward to when the sun comes out
Grace Kelso
Luke Larson enjoys the warm weather outside and climbs a tree. When the sun is out, more students partake in outdoor activities.

The sun has finally made its way outside the clouds and is shining over Wilsonville High School. As the weather gets warmer and everything looks brighter, students start to feel excited for summer to begin.

When it’s warm outside, school work feels impossible, and the summer instincts of swimming, tanning, and vacationing kick in.

“My favorite summertime activity is paddleboarding or hiking,” senior Grace Wilson states. 

Being in the water is something that no Oregonian should take for granted. Since summertime is the only time when swimming is possible without freezing, it brings a lot more excitement to this time of the year. 

Chloe Kaftan agrees that hanging out by the water is the best way to spend a day in the summer. “My favorite summertime activity is going to the Memorial Dock with friends. It’s the perfect place to sit in the sun and eat watermelon.”

Along with favorite summertime activities, there’s always something that students will look forward to doing when the sun comes out.

“I’m looking forward to traveling for softball tournaments and going to Lake Shasta with friends,” states Grace Wilson. Staying in Wilsonville is fun, and there are great summertime activities one could do locally, but there’s always a draw to traveling.

When there’s time off from school, and finally a moment of pause, the freedom of traveling will become appealing to many. As the seniors will soon move on to college, summer will be the time to make lasting memories with their hometown friends.

“This summer, I want to use my time to enjoy the last moments with my friends before college,” shares Chloe Kaftan. 

Along with spending with friends before moving on to a new chapter in life, there are still things seniors want to accomplish.

Grace Wilson gives her perspective: “I want to accomplish getting a Costco card for college as well as working to get enough money for college.”

School is almost over, and soon enough, students will be sleeping in and applying sunscreen as part of their everyday routine. For now, it’s time to finish the year strong and enjoy the sun through the windows of Wilsonville High School.