Mr. Schuster tackles fears about AP Biology


If you’re ever wondering what some of the hardest classes to take in high school are, just ask any of the upperclassmen and at least one of them will mention AP Biology. But what makes this class difficult, and if you’re considering the course, what can help prepare you? Let’s ask the teacher of the class, Mr. Thomas Shuster.

“Don’t fall behind,” he insists. “Know what’s coming next. Preread. Have questions. Don’t come in without having first anticipated what’s coming next.” Schuster explains that while his course might cover a lot of material, it is manageable if students keep up with their work and are willing to learn. If a student isn’t willing to generate questions and participate in the classwork and homework, Schuster reasons that they will fall behind and the work will pile up and begin to feel like too much, which is why some become overwhelmed.

After discussing AP Biology with the very person who teaches the course material, the class seems to have the same amount of manageability as any other AP class. However, the most important thing to remember according to Schuster is to stay caught up in the work, don’t fall behind, and make sure to have fun.