Here comes Homecoming!


Homecoming is right around the corner – Friday, September 28th, to be exact. The date is rapidly approaching, and it brings a lot of exciting events along with it. Many people may think first of the dance or the football game, but one of the best parts about Homecoming is the parade.

Every year, each of the classes creates a float for the parade based around a theme chosen by the incoming senior class of that year. This year, the overall theme is children’s books. I caught up with a member of each class’ Student Council to see what they’re planning for this year’s parade.

The class of 2022 has a Three Little Pigs float and is anticipating a successful first year as part of this longstanding high school tradition.

The sophomores are already hard at work on their float this year, seeking a repeat win over the Class of 2020. The Class of 2020 is doing a Where’s Waldo theme, and student council member Emi Bishop said that they’re excited for this year.

The class of 2020 is working on an Alice in Wonderland themed float, and is hoping to place higher than fourth, considering they’ve lost the last two years in a row. Junior Averyl Hartje said, “We’re a lot more organized this year, and we’re expecting a better result than the last two years.”

The seniors are doing a float comprised of a variety of Dr. Seuss stories, and they’re looking to pick up a win this year.

No matter who wins, the event is guaranteed to be exciting. Come out to the parade and football game on Friday, September 28th and celebrate the new school year!