Flat Stanley drops by Wilsonville High

Erin Lockwood

"Flat Stanley enrolls at Wilsonville High School!"

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Flat Stanley has decided to stop by Wilsonville High School with the help of our very own Mrs. Lockwood. She has pioneered a Flat Stanley project here at our school.

Mrs. Lockwood was inspired during a summer trip to France, where she recalled her own children’s experience bringing Stanley along on their family vacations. “I know a lot of kids did this in elementary school and I wanted to do something that ties back to learning in the past.”

Originating from the 1964 children’s book  Flat Stanley, written by Jeff Brown, which follows the adventures of a young, recently flattened, boy named Stanley Lambchop. In 1995 canadian teacher, Dale Hubert, pioneered the Flat Stanley project.

His goal was to get kids interested in letter writing and become pen-pals with children at other schools, all by writing about Flat Stanley’s adventures. Student’s taking part in the Flat Stanley project would create their own paper Stanley, write journal entries about the adventures they had together, and take photos to include with the entries. Once they’d completed their journey they would send their paper Stanley to their pen-pal and that child would do the same.

Stanley will be dropping by a bunch of places here at Wilsonville, including games, different classrooms, and assemblies. “My main goal for the project is to do something that’s fun and ties the school together.”

As of right now Stanley can be found in Mrs. Lockwood’s room, but starting soon he will be out on adventures all around campus.