Soccer season hindered by injuries


Meghann Yochim

Maddie Giese and Lily Wright unfortunately started off their season on the bench. They hope to be cleared within the next week.

Fall is in full swing, and with it comes the excitement of sports. The new season accompanies motivation as players are gearing up for the games to come. But unfortunately for some, injuries occur due to jumping into rapid-paced games too quickly. Let’s talk to some of these players and see how the beginning of their practices and games turned out, and how they’re going to proceed from here.

Lily Wright, a sophomore here at Wilsonville High School, explains her horrific start to the season. “I am playing soccer right now,” Wright explains, “and on the first game I took two hits to the head so I was out for a concussion.” Concussions typically take at least a week and a half to recover from, and that’s with very mild symptoms. This means missing around three or four games at the beginning of the pre-season, which are crucial for setting up how the team is going to play for the rest of season. Wright plans to be cleared sometime in the coming week, and she is excited to be playing for the high school.

On the other hand, junior Maddie Giese sprained her MCL during one of the beginning practices, and she now goes to physical therapy every day. While explaining her condition, Giese mentioned that it was hard to sit on the bench while everyone else was on the field since playing was the one thing she wanted to do. “If I would have been able to play those games,” Maddie begins, “I think that would have improved my game but I need to focus on getting better to avoid further injuries.”

Both of these girls have had a rough beginning to soccer, but things have started to look up for them recently. Giese and Wright are hopefully getting fully cleared in the next week, and they are extremely excited to get back into the groove of things.