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Ms. Tucker, who is located in Room 92, is excited to work with students at WIlsonville High School!

Wilsonville High School

Ms. Tucker, who is located in Room 92, is excited to work with students at WIlsonville High School!

Zoe Lyons, Staff Writer

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The seniors here at Wilsonville High School are going to be busy this fall writing college essays, taking college tours, and taking the SAT, all in preparation for applying to college. One important way to find out information about all of these topics is by visiting our own college and career advisor, Lyndi Tucker. I spoke with her earlier this week to get all the information about what she can do to help seniors plan their futures.

Beginning september 21st and continuing throughout the school year, reps. from colleges around the country will be visiting the high school. The colleges visiting soon include: Willamette University, Oregon Tech, and Grand Canyon University. You can sign up for the meetings on your Naviance account and the day of the meeting you will be called down to the College and Career center, located in room 92. Mrs. Tucker and I discussed how important going to these meetings can be, “It’s good to have face to face contact, because they do remember people.” During those meetings students will be able to ask questions about the programs and majors offered, study abroad opportunities, greek life, and what financial aid is available.

With college application season coming up quickly I asked what her best advice to seniors is, “I always recommend doing early admission for colleges….and don’t apply for 45 schools, narrow it down to at least under 10.”

Before you begin applying for college it is important to have all of the information, so don’t forget to sign up for Mrs. Tucker’s text program, by sending @wvhs2019 to 81010. It is a vital link between seniors and important college information. And mark your calendars for the upcoming College Night on September 20th: Bring your families and get all of your questions answered.