Teenage prodigy or advanced learner?


Ally Finkbeiner

Jared Wieland signed up for six AP courses this year, and one is an independent study. He is excited to see where his education will take him this year.

We all know someone who has kept straight A’s throughout middle school and high school, whether that is yourself, a friend, or a rival. But what about the people who go above and beyond, setting records higher and higher each year? Let’s get the inside scoop from some of those students and see what they think about all of the difficult work that they do.

Jared Wieland, a Wilsonville High School junior, discussed his taxing schedule during school. “So far [in high school] I’ve taken three [AP classes], but this year I am taking six,” Wieland admits to taking a lot of classes causes other people to believe he will send them all of the homework and answer everyone else’s questions. However, he insisted that taking advanced classes is normal for him, and anything less would cause him to be inattentive.

Similarly,  sophomore Kullen Whittaker explained his educational position. Many juniors at Wilsonville recognize Whittaker because he has been attending some of the freshman classes as an eighth grader, and some of the sophomore classes as a freshman due to his advanced learning. “People assume that I know everything,” Whittaker pointed out, “ but I don’t and I’m still learning. However, I do appreciate that they’re challenging me to do my best.” While he may have an intense workload, Whittaker still finds time to do the things he loves, such as soccer and piano.

Wieland and Whittaker enjoy their fast-paced learning, but at the same time, they are both just teenagers navigating the ropes of high school.