Last minute dress shopping? Listen up!


Bella Kleiner

Last year Bella Kleiner went with Ryan Berry to homecoming. She's elated to be going to another homecoming this year, and looks forward to having fun.

Most high school girls recognize the struggle of finding that perfect dress. It doesn’t matter if it’s homecoming or MORP, it has to be just right. However, many girls face the fear of not finding a dress if they can only start shopping the week before. Need a new dress? I’ve interviewed some girls to figure out their tips and tricks.

For the ins of shopping, let’s speak with Bella Kleiner, a junior who knows exactly where to shop. “Their [Nordstrom’s] quality is super good, they always have just the right sizes, and they also have very good returns. You should definitely get more than one dress so you can make sure it’s perfect.” Kleiner is profoundly excited for homecoming next weekend and is looking forward to revealing her dress for this year.

Elizabeth Kness however, a senior at Wilsonville, has yet to go to a dance here at Wilsonville since she transferred here last year from Hillsboro. When interviewed, Kness reports her plans for this dance. “I am going to be using one of my friend’s dresses,” Kness explains “since I will only be using the dress once, it won’t cost money, and her dresses are cute!” Kness reigns in the point of view that one does not need to purchase an out of budget dress for a one-time event, yet they can still look cute using this simple and doable idea.

These two girls only describe two of the many options for dress shopping, but they are both very good tips for trying to get those last minute finds. Going to Nordstrom’s guarantees a perfect fit with a perfect dress, and borrowing a dress from a friend assures looking good on a budget!