Upgrading Willy

Willy poses for picture in the Wildcat gym. He is looking forward to a great school year.

Willy the wildcat showing off for the camera.

As we jump into the new school year we are reminded of one of our favorite school supporters, Willy the wildcat. Everyone’s favorite crowd leader, the cat of the school, has been upgraded with a fresh new coat of fur. Every year the graduating classes donates something to our amazing high school community, this time around we have been donated the new upgraded Willy by the graduating class of 2018. As much as we loved our scraggly looking wildcat costume, everyone from leadership / ASB is excited to introduce the new upgraded Willy. We cannot wait to see the new and improved Willy at all our school events, like football games  and the upcoming homecoming assembly! Now it’s just time to figure out who actually is behind the mask of Willy the Wildcat!