Cosby faces jail time

Bill Cosby is no longer a free man. Mark 2018 as the year that the famous comedian and actor Bill Cosby is finally being penalized for his crimes. Twelve dozen women have accused Cosby of  assault; as of this year, he’s been found guilty of three cases of aggravated indecent assault. He faces from three to ten years in jail and a seventy five thousand dollar fine for the entire thing.

This topic is quite controversial especially for this year’s political climate. As of last week, students have taken their first amendment right to go and organize a “Free Bill Cosby” walkout on October 5th. The parents of this movement have cleverly planned for the walkout to occur at 2:59 which some students think has the underlying intention of getting out of school a minute early.

Bill Cosby’s imprisonment has sparked a lot of controversy. A lot of people believe Cosby’s punishment should be much greater than what he was served. Alternatively, some people have a lot of faith in Cosby since the start of career and believe he is an innocent man.