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With or without a date? Is going to a school dance with a date better?

Photo taken by Gregg Artman of the student section at the Homecoming Game

Photo taken by Gregg Artman of the student section at the Homecoming Game

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As much as everyone would love to be asked to homecoming with a big poster and flowers, sometimes that’s not always the case. Lately its been more common to go to the dances without a date and just have fun with your friends. But at the same time it’s always nice to go with your own prince charming or princess. The real question here is which is better? Going with a date or without? Senior Grace Love said “it really depends on your date, but also it’s fun to have someone to take pictures with” and Senior Sadie Crystal mentioned that “it’s mostly about what you make of the night, both going with a date and without are fun, but just dancing with your friends is the best.” Even though it’s always nice to get asked by the boy you like, sometimes it’s just as fun to go with all  your friends. There is no right or wrong answer here whether you are gonna have a better time going to homecoming with a date or not, it really depends on who you are and if you want to or not, at the end of the day however it’s really about making homecoming a blast for yourself so that you remember a great wildcat homecoming.

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