PSAT/SAT next Wednesday October 10th

PSAT/SAT Info for next Wednesday

PSAT/SAT Info for next Wednesday

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Next Wednesday, October 10th, Wilsonville High School will be offering the PSAT for all sophomores and to any juniors who have elected to take it. October 10th is the day chosen by WVHS off of one of the options given by The College Board(the company who runs the test). In addition, when talking to Ms. Tucker the college and career coordinator at WVHS, she said that this year, “For the first time, the College Board is allowing us to administer the SAT on a school day.” The counselors and Tucker are very excited about this new opportunity.

Ms. Tucker also said that the school subsidized the cost this time dropping the cost from $47.50 to $35.00. She went on saying that this early SAT date is great for seniors who want to raise their scores or have not taken the test yet. In addition, most four year schools require a college admission test like the SAT.

On the other hand, the PSAT is a great opportunity for both sophomores and juniors. It is not mandatory for juniors, but Tucker says juniors should definitely take it because junior year they can be used for scholarships, and it is fantastic practice before taking the SAT for the first time.

Next Wednesday, Tucker said they will test a whopping 575 students which are over half of the student body. Finally, Tucker said that she has prep booklets for the PSAT and the SAT that everyone should go pick up!